Friday, January 16, 2015

Ohhhh More Load Layouts!!!

Ok... so some more LOAD Layouts... some of these were from kits and some I had just to finish up... but done is done and they are DONE!! :0)

Load #14 & #15

Daddo and Yummy at the Pumpkin Farm playing on the tires... this was Yummy's favorite part of the whole day.. ;0) Busy soooo busy he kept telling me.. ;0)

Load #16 & #17

His second Christmas... not really into opening stuff but he did like playing with it all.. and he was droolin' like a little monkey cutting teeth.. lol 

Load #18 & #19

He was sooo tiny in Daddo big arms... Daddo had a hard time burping him. He would say if I hit him too hard he will come back when he is 18 and knock me out.. telling me remember when you did it to me? lol Yummy was very patient with his Daddo though.. love the expressions.. ;0) 

Load #20 & 21

Yummy loved my scraps of paper... I have a box under my desk and when Yummy would go home for the day the paper was spread from one end of the house to the other.. pieces here and there and some had been eaten.. Yummmm??? 

Load #22 & #23

More feeding and burping pics of Daddo and Yummy... soooo cute!!!

Ok... so that is a great half of the LOAD month for me lets see what else I can get done!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Loving all your amazing two page layouts!!! The paper and colors in 18/19 is fabulous!!

  2. OMG you are on a roll. You nailed this one and I love all of them. I think you need to add a follow by email button on your side bar... crap I have so many blogs to follow and I forget about the MOST important one :D