Friday, January 16, 2015

Ohhhh More Load Layouts!!!

Ok... so some more LOAD Layouts... some of these were from kits and some I had just to finish up... but done is done and they are DONE!! :0)

Load #14 & #15

Daddo and Yummy at the Pumpkin Farm playing on the tires... this was Yummy's favorite part of the whole day.. ;0) Busy soooo busy he kept telling me.. ;0)

Load #16 & #17

His second Christmas... not really into opening stuff but he did like playing with it all.. and he was droolin' like a little monkey cutting teeth.. lol 

Load #18 & #19

He was sooo tiny in Daddo big arms... Daddo had a hard time burping him. He would say if I hit him too hard he will come back when he is 18 and knock me out.. telling me remember when you did it to me? lol Yummy was very patient with his Daddo though.. love the expressions.. ;0) 

Load #20 & 21

Yummy loved my scraps of paper... I have a box under my desk and when Yummy would go home for the day the paper was spread from one end of the house to the other.. pieces here and there and some had been eaten.. Yummmm??? 

Load #22 & #23

More feeding and burping pics of Daddo and Yummy... soooo cute!!!

Ok... so that is a great half of the LOAD month for me lets see what else I can get done!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More January LOAD Challenge Layouts!!

Here is more from January's LOAD Challenge... so far I am doing good! Got some layouts done and even started digging in my unfinished layout box to get some of those wrapped up... curious to see how far I will get.. ;0) 

Journaling says - 'Here Daddo' says Yummy as he hands him a crayon. These pictures are just filled with love and I love both of them <3

No journaling but this is from 4th of July... Mr Cool!!

Journaling - Kickin' it in the pool.. August 2014

#8 & #9
Daddo and Yummy playing at the park last winter... he loved the slide more than anything else.

#10 & #11 
Last spring in the front yard ... Journaling says - just some snapshots in the front yard and lots of funny faces from yummy... 

#12 & #13
Journaling says - Father's Day 2014 at Craig and Jammies. Yummy has not met a pool he wasn't crazy about... this boy loves the water

I have done more but will scan them and list them soon... 

Thanks for looking...


Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1st... the LOAD Challenge!!!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years Eve and are starting off the New Year right.... Me?? I'm starting by kicking off this LOAD (LayOut A Day) challenge.. if you want to join us it is never to late to start with us on our Scrapbooking LOAD Facebook Page

Sooooo I'm not one for New Years Resolutions but my 'goal' this year in scrapbooking is to use up some of my 'kits' parts and pieces I have left from layouts that are scattered about as well as using up some of these TONS of bits and pieces of scraps... I literally have boxes of them because I just 'can't' throw them away.. I might be able to use them somewhere... well that will be my goal this year!! lol

So hopefully I can get some more layouts done today but there are other things that I need to attend to as well... but I got 3 layouts done all using pieces that were left from Simple Stories 24/7 paper packs. Unfortunately I still have enough to do several more layouts... !! lol

Here they are...

Daddo and Yummy cuddling on the couch and they both fell asleep... it was just to precious not to snap this photo and scrap it!! ;0)

We will pull into the parking lot at Starbucks Yummy will say 'Grandma 'needs' coffee' and I will say laughing.. YES she does!!! He always gets an apple juice but truth be told I know he only wants the green straw.. it makes for an awesome sword when he is done with his drink.. ;0)

Cindy and Dave went on a Mexican cruise and brought him back this cute little guitar with his name on it.... he LOVES this guitar... it is 'my tar' as Yummy says.. lol This was just way to adorable not to take pics of.. he is sooooo cool!!! ;0)

Yummy blowing kisses and having fun... lol This kid kills me.. he fills his Grandma with so much joy. Love this kid to pieces!! 

Well back at it and hopefully I will get more layouts going today... I really want to make my 31+ layouts this month.. if feels really really good to get some scrapbooking done!! ;0)

An Announcement!!!!

Just an announcement... I have been so busy this year that I have not had much time to get alot of scrapbooking done... that will change this year as I have gotten all my little duckies in a row... 

So now for the announcement... for those that already do not know this... My partner in crime is Val Thorpe and we are the owners/admins of the following 2 scrapbooking challenge blogs

Let's Scrap Sketches is designed all around 2 page layout sketches to play with and inspire you in your scrapbooking. Currently we run a new challenge every Wednesday, but stay tuned things will change March 1st. We are running a Design Team Call as well.. the information is a bit lower on this page.. check it out!!!! 

Feeling Sketchy is all about cards... we run 2 card sketch challenges per month (sketches can be used for layouts as well!). The 1st and the 15th, each challenge runs for 2 weeks. 

We have 2 amazing Design Teams working with Val and myself on these blogs and would love to see you all checking us out... following us on the blogs... participating on the blogs and liking us on facebook. It is all about being creative and getting things done... come and let us inspire you with our blogs!!! 


So now for our Let's Scrap Sketches Design Team Call

We are so excited to announce the call for Let’s Scrap Sketches Design Team!!

Do you LOVE to play with sketches? Do you have an active blog? Do you love to inspire others with your creative flair? Then we want to hear from you!!

We’re looking for talented scrapbookers who love to create layouts with sketches, and are committed to creating quality layouts/cards each month. 

To apply send us your take on this sketch to and include Let’s Scrap Sketch DT Application in the subject line.


Please include the following information:

Name, Address and Email:
Blog Address:
Facebook Name/Page URL:

Please answer the following questions:

1)     Why would you like to be part of Let’s Scrap Sketches Design Team?
2)     How would you best describe your style?
3)     Are you currently on any other design teams? If so, please list the teams and monthly commitments.
4)     Do you consider yourself social savvy and enjoy sharing your projects and connecting with people on                   Instagram, Facebook and other social networks?

What we expect from our Design Team:

1)     Commit to a 6 month term (beginning March 1st).
2)     You will be required to complete 2 sketches per month, due 3 days before the reveal.
3)     Keep an active blog, posting your project on reveal day and link back to Let’s Scrap Sketches.. this is a                 MUST!
4)     You must have a facebook account as we will have a private DT group on Facebook.
5)     You must become a follower of our blog
6)     You will be required to comment on layouts left by participants. This is essential.

If you cannot fully commit to the above duties please don't apply. If you are chosen and don't complete the above duties we will drop you from the DT.

There might be some ‘special challenges’ through your term that you will be required to participate in but there will be at least a 30 day notice. Occasionally we will have digi stamp sponsors that want us to use their images in our creations… you will be notified of this when the sketches are provided for the Design Team Term.

The deadline for applications is February 1st  at 11:59 p.m. Previous design team experience is not required. International applications are welcome! The individuals chosen to join the team will be notified via email by February 5th and the new team will be announced on our blog February 20th with your application layout revealed on March 1st on the blog.