Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More January LOAD Challenge Layouts!!

Here is more from January's LOAD Challenge... so far I am doing good! Got some layouts done and even started digging in my unfinished layout box to get some of those wrapped up... curious to see how far I will get.. ;0) 

Journaling says - 'Here Daddo' says Yummy as he hands him a crayon. These pictures are just filled with love and I love both of them <3

No journaling but this is from 4th of July... Mr Cool!!

Journaling - Kickin' it in the pool.. August 2014

#8 & #9
Daddo and Yummy playing at the park last winter... he loved the slide more than anything else.

#10 & #11 
Last spring in the front yard ... Journaling says - just some snapshots in the front yard and lots of funny faces from yummy... 

#12 & #13
Journaling says - Father's Day 2014 at Craig and Jammies. Yummy has not met a pool he wasn't crazy about... this boy loves the water

I have done more but will scan them and list them soon... 

Thanks for looking...


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