Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Scrap Leap Around the World Blog Hop

Feb 1st we are kicking off a Blog Hop at Let's Scrap. I am 1 of 50 for this Hop.... yes that's right I said 50!! As I wind up the January LOAD Challenge I am gearing up for the Let's Scrap Leap Around the World Blog Hop things are getting a little crazy here. I am tickled to be part of the Blog Hop... I've never been part of one, played along with a few others, so this is exciting for me and I'm so excited to get so many new people to my blog to check out what I have been doing... :) This will kick off at 10:00am Wednesday morning.. February 1st and end February 29th at 11:59pm... these times are based on the main clock page at Let's Scrap. We have people participating from all over the world so make sure you are going off the Let's Scrap clock.. we don't want you to miss any of the fun!!! 

So how about joining in the fun??? Let's get you started with it... first you need to be a follower of my blog and you need to be a member of Let's Scrap.... so go HERE and become a member of this incredible site!!

So gather some supplies so you can hit the ground running on Wednesday.... get your area cleaned up, because trust me, if you don't do it now it might not happen until the end of the Feb!! Get all those household chore you can get out of the way... done.... if you run out of clean clothes, clean dishes... it can wait until Feb. Really what is important here... scrapbooking right?? lol (ssshhhh... don't tell my adorable one I said that!! :0) Get your scrap box close to your work area... can you image what a dent you can make in that puppy making 50+ cards?!?! This is why we hold onto every little scrap of paper ladies!! :0)
So when the blog hop starts you will have 2 chances to win on each of the 50 blogs... yep!! Imagine that!! Your first chance will come when you follow and leave a comment on each blog (but you must be a member of Let's Scrap first) and then if you make a card from the sketch of that blog and post it at Let's Scrap then you get your second chance to win, when you have made your card and posted it be sure to come back to the blog and leave the comment that you have done it ... see how easy that is?? Not only are you going to be getting some cards done... but getting chances to win some cool goodies??? Amazing right?!?!?!?

Now don't be overwhelmed by the 50 blogs for this hop... you have the whole month to do it!! Please try and visit each blog in the hop and let the ladies know you appreciate them taking the time to get this all together for you. Mindi Brown from Let's Scrap DT is the one who set this all up... she is Hop #1 so be sure to thank her for all her time and effort!!

I am hop number 9 so hope to see you all here and playing along! Wednesday I will post my sketch and example or maybe two.. who knows... as well as letting you know what my 'blog candy' will be... come and join in the fun!!


Liebster Blog Award....

Ok I have to admit I had never heard of this award... Kristine 

left me a comment on one of my layouts and I thought it was 

so cute and sweet. So now it is my turn.. :0)

The Liebster Blog Award - 

Kristine Ponte from @ home with Studio K 
gave me the 
Thanks Kristine.... I think you are the bomb and I love your work!!! :0) 

the origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat 
unclear but general consensus is that they originated in 
Germany. Liebster, meaning - favorite or dearest to 
showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon 
accepting this award the recipient must then pass it on to 
five more blogs.

So here are some of my favorite blogs (I have several 
but these are my favs with fewer than 200 followers) 
in alphabetical order:
I give a Liebster Blog Award to:

she makes the most amazing layouts... I love her 
simple style that is anything but simple!!

Jeaunes from Jeaunes
I think her style is shabby... and her work is amazing!

she does scrapbooking as a hobby and a business and is 
amazing. Love the layouts she does and she is always so supportive 
ofeveryone else... she is amazing!!

Michelle from Home Spun Scrapbooking
she also does scrapbooking as a hobby and a business and her
work is very inspiring... I am amazed all the time!!!

her work is amazing... she is so creative. What she
lacks in supplies she makes up for in creativity. Love 
her style and her work... 

So these are my picks for this award, I think you should go and 
check them all out and see for yourself and support them by 
becoming followers!! These are all girls from Let's Scrap if you 
haven't check out Let's Scrap you should. Some amazingly talented 
people and so friendly too!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feels Like Home....

#68... Feels like home.... I took these pictures on one of our motorcycle rides and thought I would add them to my BAM (Book About Me) Album... the journaling is as follows:
'Growing up in Hallwood and hearing the trains throughout the night was home for me. I grew up, moved to Marysville and then to Yuba City... didn't hear the trains anymore. We bought a house in 1994 on the other side of Yuba City and the first night there I knew I was home... I could hear the trains in the middle of the night. I can only hear them at night when all is quiet but they are there. I can feel myself sigh.. yes... I am home, I feel safe, I am content'

Jeff and Tina....

#67.. these are some random photos of my lil brother and his wife cuddling on my couch....


#66 for the LOAD!!! These are some old photos I found of my younger sister, her husband and my niece and nephew... have no idea what year they are from or even where the pics were taken at... lol But now they will go into their album... :0)

I didn't use a sketch these but they are from Basic Grey, a paper kit that I got at the Scrapbooking Expo... 2 more single page layouts will be following from the same paper kit.. :0)

Friday, January 27, 2012


I love the quote 'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away... ' This is layouts #64 & #65 for the LOAD. This layout I used the same sketch as the previous 2 from this weeks sketch at Let's Scrap...

This is another layout for Vieve's album.... 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


#63 for my LOAD. I did this layout for a Challenge on Let's Scrap.. the challenge was too use a Let's Scrap sketch and swap out the pic size for smaller pics. You get a whole new look out of the sketch as well as using more pics on your pages. 

This is a layout of my boys... they are so damn adorable!! These are some old pics from the summer of 2006... I LOVE these faces!!!

This is the sketch I used... I swapped out the 5x7 for 2 4x6's and got rid of some 'dead' space on the pic... I only used one side of the sketch and turned it to fit the pics I wanted to use... :0) 
Lot's of fun stuff going on at Let's Scrap. You should check it out sometime!! Tomorrow is another Design Team Challenge that you can check out and play along with... :0)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Fun

This is #61 & #62 for the LOAD Challenge... I used the same sketch as the last layout. This weeks sketch from Let's Scrap... a great sketch. Tomorrow I will post another layout using the same sketch.. :0)

These are very old pics... I'm thinking 2004. We took the kids to the snow... lots of sledding and fun... :0) This will be for Taylor's album.

Forum Shops - #59 & #60 LOAD

This is #59 and #60 for the LOAD Challenge. I used this weeks sketch from Let's Scrap... love this sketch. I have done 2 other double page layouts using this sketch already and I will be posting those thru the week... :0)
This layout is from The Forum Shops in Las Vegas... 2008. We go every year and every year I take tons of pics and I am soooo behind.... 

This is the sketch... pretty cool right?!?!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar Rush... #58

This is another layout from the Basic Grey pack I bought at the Scrapbooking Expo... Love these papers and wishing I would have bought more... :0) This is an OLD photo of my guy and me in Las Vegas at what was then the "Aladdin" in their buffet.... soooo romantic with cotton candy!! lol 
#58!!!!! ;0)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forever You and Me and Cousins Layouts....

#56 &#57 for my LOAD Challenge... these layout is from a Basic Grey kit I got at our Scrapbook Expo... I actually made 3 layouts from this lil kit and I will post them all... but one is still drying... :0)

This is a pic of me and 2 of my cousins... from years ago.... they are beautiful and love them too pieces!! 
This is one of my adorable husband and myself... self portraits in the kitchen at Thanksgiving... is it any wonder that he is one of my addictions?!?! Adorable!!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Card....

This is a birthday card I made up for a friends Birthday this past weekend. I'm not big into cards but love the way that it turned out... all made from my odds and ends.

the card was brighter when I made it... I forgot to scan it before we left for the party so I was taking a pic outside and it was cloudy... bad bad pic!! :0) This is #55 for my LOAD

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is LOAD #54... this was done with DCWV January Challenge sketch. This is one of my bff's, Genevieve and I am doing an album up for her. Hoping to get it done before I see her in March!!
This is the sketch I used for this layout....

Gunslinger 2011

This is a layout of our first ride with the Gunslingers... April 2011. I did a layout almost like this for our scrapbook and this is one for another Gunslinger.... new goal for this month.. Get Either One's album done!! :0) 
So this is 52 and 53 for the LOAD Challenge.... !!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walt Gray Ride 2011

This is a layout of one the rides the Gunslingers went on this past summer... KCRA's Walt Gray Ride... I did 2 of these layouts one for our album and one for another Gunslingers album. So this is pages 10 - 13 done... :0)
This layout I got the idea from an old DCWV sketch for page one and turned it into a double page layout...

Lil Racer

Love scrapbooking this little guy... they always make me smile. This is #8 & #9 for the LOAD Challenge... still behind but hoping to catch up soon... :0)
using this weeks sketch from Let's Scrap.... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ohhhhhh Santa!!

This is another one for the LOAD Challenge... #7!! Still behind but catching up!! :0) I found this pic while going thru some old photos and just had to do this layout... lol He IS adorable!! ;0)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Morning 2005

This is layout 5 & 6 for the LOAD Challenge... this is for Raymond's album. Christmas morning 2005... this is also one of my layouts for class this coming week.... Using the same sketch as the last layout... :0)

Dog Days of Christmas... LOAD

So a little behind here on my LOAD Challenge... I was down sick for 3 days this week and am playing a little catch up... :0) So this is page 3 and 4... Dog Days of Christmas....
This is from Christmas 2005 out at my mom's house... there were dogs everywhere... our Jazzy, moms - Hermie and my sisters Bella... they were all so cute I couldn't help but take pics of them all... :0)
The sketch I used is this weeks sketch from Let's Scrap - 
Ok.. now off to get some more layouts done... :0)

Monday, January 2, 2012

LOAD Challenge Page 1 and 2

This is my first post for the LOAD Challenge... I used a Let's Scrap sketch. 'Patch In Party' is another layout for a friends Gunslinger Album... I left spots for him to journal on it, it was before our time with the Gunslingers... :0) Yeah... day 2 and I have 2 done!!!
                                                     This is the sketch I used..... 5-26-10
What's next?? Another layout!! :0)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let the LOAD Challenge begin!!!

Happy New Year!! So let the LOAD Challenge begin!!! I was gone most of the day and so excited to get home and see so many people already busy with this challenge... on the facebook group as well as on Let's Scrap!! I have been busy answering questions, commenting on layouts and moving the ones on Let's Scrap based on the sketches to their own album..... so many already playing and it is only the 1st day. Can't wait to see what all of us can get done this month!! Sooooo on that note I guess I had better get busy with it myself! :0)