Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coffee Coffee Coffee

So you might say... 'shocking another Starbucks layout' right? I know... very surprising. But I put the challenge out at Let's Scrap to use a song title for the title of your layout and I came across these loose pics and they needed a layout and this song popped into my head and then a layout was born!!!

"I won't last a day without you" by the Carpenters
My adorable husband was showing me how to scan and merge images tonight... the detail is incredible but I still need to play with it a little bit... but very happy with it and the layout!! Well off to bed for me and my adorable guy... Night All!! :0)


  1. I love it! I need to learn how to do that merging thing!!

  2. This is so very YOU, my friend! Love the colors (a *given* I suppose), but your center strip is da bomb! Have to now google the lyrics to make sure they fit your addiction! lol

  3. So, my comment didn't show up. hummmm

    Anyway I was giving you a hard time about your coffee addiction as I sit here with a Snowy Mountain Mudd at my side LOL

    I need to get to work on your awesome challenge!!