Sunday, April 14, 2013



Starbucks... so it's not like I am all caught up on my scrapbooking and 
have nothing else to scrapbook other than this pic... BUT this pic is super
sweet to me. After my heart attack before I was going out to much in the world, 
My Adorable One would go to Starbucks for the both of us and he would bring my 
drink home to me.. everytime he would come home with these 'soooo sweet' little notes
written on the cup from our Starbucks gals and guys. I only got this one pic of the cups, I 
wasn't thinking to clearly the first couple of weeks after all that. But I do have this one pic
and I think it is just too sweet and it deserved to be scrapbooked... so I did!!!

click to enlarge

The journaling pretty much says just what I wrote above. I didn't use a sketch for this
layout... I was flipping thru a magazine and saw a layout using the paper scrap strips under the pic
and I was off and running with my layout... the Starbucks 'embelli's' are the sleeves from the hot
beverage cups... we have a biz-zillion of them here so I got to use 3 more!!! Fun stuff!!