Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grandparents In Love....

Still recovering here from my heart attack and trying to get back
into my routine... slowly but surely I am getting better. So I think it
is time to get this sketch on my blog. 

This layout is from a sketch on Let's Scrap.. our beautiful
Grandson Preston and all 4 of his Grandparents!! ;0)
Lucky lil guy to be surrounded by all this love...

click for a larger view

These pics were all taken before Preston was 24 hrs old

This is the sketch I worked with...

See a little difference?? I started with the sketch and it didn't work for what I 
wanted with the pics.. so I shifted pages and tweaked it a bit and whaaallla!!
Grandparents in Love was made!! ;0)


  1. So cute, but more are you feeling? I'm so glad it was not more serious. I can only imagine how scary that was. Glad you've got Marcel by yourside. Hope you feel better quickly!
    Hugs, Jessica

  2. So sorry to hear you had a heart attack! Praying you are feeling better each day!!! Lovely layout. I love the title on the side!