Monday, April 2, 2012

Aunt Wilma...

My dear Aunt Wilma passed away on Saturday. Many of us were lucky enough to see her before she passed. Several of us were with her when she passed on as well... I have so many wonderful memories of Aunt Wilma - family get togethers and such but my favorite memories that I treasure of those of when I was just a teenager and it was just her and I... either house sitting and playing board games or shopping. Taking my boys to her house when they were just 'wee - ones' for trick-or-treating. She loved all of her niece and nephews and never missed the opportunity to tell us all that we needed to come and visit her more than any of us did.

Aunt Wilma was the oldest of 5 children.... she was also the first one to pass on. This will be hard on her 2 brothers and 2 sisters as well as on her only son.

I have pulled together some pics that I have of Aunt Wilma to share with my family....

this is of the 5 Springer kids.. starting at the right hand side is my Aunt Doreen, Uncle Wayne and he is holding Leotta, Uncle Delbert and Aunt Wilma is standing in the back.. not sure on the date of this photo

This is Aunt Wilma and is dated 1952

My son Raymond with Aunt Wilma at his wedding in 2008

Steven and Aunt Wilma at 4th of July at Uncle Wayne and Aunt Rosie's house... 2010
 2010 Aunt Doreen's birthday party and all the siblings were together... from the right
Uncle Delbert, Uncle Wayne, Leotta and Aunt Doreen with Aunt Wilma in front
 Aunt Wilma visiting with her siblings
Here are the Springer Girls... Doreen, Leotta and Wilma

This was from Uncle Wayne's 80th Suprise Birthday Party... Aunt Wilma visiting with Aunt Ruby

So many memories... such a long life... Love and miss you Aunt Wilma.... 


  1. What a special tribute to your Aunt. May these special memories of her keep her alive in your hearts.

  2. Cathy, I can't wait to see you scrap these amazing photos!